All You Need To Know About Light-Sabers

It’s time we talked about the upcoming Star Wars movie, Episode VII: The Force Awakens, which will be released in just under 100 days. From the beginning of the Star Wars franchise in 1977 till the present, we have all heard about the Jedis and the force. Fans frequently discuss the laser-welded blade used by characters in the Star Wars universe, including the brave Luke Skywalker and the evil Darth Vader, but what exactly do we know about it?

“…a Jedi knight’s weapon. A blaster is awkward and haphazard; this exquisite weapon is fit for a more civilised time.

Defining A Light-Saber

The Star Wars technology that is most recognisable. The light saber, also known as the “laser sword” by those who are unfamiliar with it, is a distinctive weapon whose very image was inextricably bound with the mythos of the Jedi Order (the good guys) and their polar opposites, the Sith (the bad guys). It was created as much for elegance in combat as it was for ceremony.

The weapon consists of a pure plasma blade that emerges from the hilt and is suspended in a force containment field, not light as implied by the weapon’s name. The field keeps the intense heat of the plasma contained, shielding the user and preserving the blade’s shape. The hilt is nearly always custom-made by the wielder to suit his or her individual requirements, tastes, and preferences. Light-sabers are incredibly difficult — and deadly — for the unskilled user to use because of the weightlessness of plasma and the powerful gyroscopic effect it produces.

What’s Inside A Light-Saber The Source Of The Light-Saber Is:-

The “force-blade” from Isaac Asimov’s science fiction novel Lucky Starr, which was published from 1952 to 1958, was one of the main sources of inspiration for George Lucas, the man behind Star Wars. The force-blade is a short shaft of stainless steel that can produce a force field that can cut through anything, making it “the most vicious weapon in the galaxy,” according to the words of Lucky Starr.

The Adventures Of Lucky Starr was one of the sources of inspiration for the light sabre.
The various shades of the light-saber include:

Fans of the show may have noticed light-sabers in a variety of colours, including red, blue, green, and others, but why? What does the colour of the blade have to do with it?

The various light-saber colours in the Star Wars universe include:

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Real life light sabres?

Is it conceivable to have these laser-blades in real life now that we’ve discussed light-sabers in terms of the Star Wars universe?

That question has a yes response.

In reality, we utilise it frequently in the manufacturing sector in the form of plasma arc cutters, torches, welders, and sprays to quickly cut through many inches of metal.

This is the point where reality and fiction collide, yet it might not be as alluring as the imaginary object.

Although there is a good chance that we may soon see hand-held light-saber blades. With instances from 2013, where researchers from MIT and Harvard managed to create a previously unobserved form of matter by getting photons to bind together into molecules, resulting basically in a real life light-saber.

When the researchers fired a set of photons into a vacuum chamber in a cloud of cold rubidium atoms, taking the Rydberg blockade effect (blocking effect within electrons in the Rydberg atom) into hand, the photons started hanging out and left the chamber as one “photonic molecule”- a kind of quantum romance between the photons. And it is this new bond between the particles that creates a new form of matter, which has a similar resemblance to a weapon used in a galaxy far, far away.

And that’s all there is to know (sort of), about this badass weapon in the Star Wars universe. Hope you had fun learning about new stuff, and…

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